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Tollgrade Communications


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Tollgrade Communications is located in Cheswick, PA, and I worked for them from November 2001 to May 2002. 
Tollgrade Communications, Inc. provides network assurance testing for the global telecommunications and cable broadband industries. 


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My duties and responsibilities included redesigning and rewriting the training guide and reference manual.  The following is a detailed list of my duties:
  • Translated engineering baseline requirement documents into POTS Test Assurance Program (PTAP) Student Guides for Tollgrades customer training that incorporates training in Mechanized Loop Testing (MLT) Architecture.
  • Responsible for complete development of Student Guide and Reference Manual using MSWord 2000. 
  • Created hundreds of detailed engineering graphics for documentation using Visio 2002 software.
  • Created PowerPoint Presentation to support instructional methodologies.
  • Developed PTAP Reference Manual documentation and transferred all data to CD-ROM Web-based multi-media training.
  • Created documentation of GUI screen descriptions and tasks used by systems engineers to provision LoopCarrier test systems for telecommunications network operators who analyze both metallic and digital loop testing applications.

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