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    Mark R. Bradley
Columbus, OH 43147

Technical Skills:

HARDWARE: PCs, Network Cards, Local and Remote Bridges, Routers, DSU/CSUs, MUXES, Terminal Servers, Protocol converters, and printers

SOFTWARE: PowerPoint 7.0, Excel 7.0, Access 7.0, Microsoft Outlook 2000, Microsoft Word 2000, Microsoft Front Page, FrameMaker 6.0, Adobe Acrobat, DreamWeaver 3.0, Lotus Notes & 123, Paint Shop Pro 5.0, Exceed 6.1, ProComm Plus

OPERATING SYSTEMS: Windows 95, 98, 2000, and NT 4.0, UNIX, DOS



Professional Experience:

Technical Instructor - Applied Innovation, Inc., Columbus, OH: 2000 to 2001
* Trained over 200 Telecommunications network maintenance and technical support engineers in the proper configuration of hardware and software applications used by the AI180 Protocol conversion Switch enhancing the students technical knowledge and network support capabilities.
* Educated students in TCP/IP, X.25, ASYNC, and OSI protocols related to the installation, diagnostics, and interoperability of their AI180 switches and network elements. This advanced training process enabled the students to provide superior quality networking services for their respective companies.
* Designed and developed PowerPoint tutorials describing usage and configuration of advanced protocol translation hardware for Qwest Communications national and international network engineers. Qwest was able to use this web-based training for over 300 network engineers and support technicians, thereby saving over $400,000 in annual training cost.

Technical Writer - Lucent Technologies, Columbus, OH: 1998 to 2000
* Translated engineering baseline requirement documents into ACTIVIEW Users Guides for Lucents major Telecommunications customers and Lucents support personnel. * Created HTML web pages for on-line help documentation after collaboration with Lucents Systems Engineering department utilizing Adobe FrameMaker 6.0 software.
* Created Infoware documentation of GUI screen descriptions and tasks used by systems engineers to provision Intelligent Networking applications. Resulting in more efficient use of network resources and transference of signals from point of origin to point of destination utilizing MUX channels and Alias databases.

Technical Support Consultant - Nationwide Insurance/Enterprises, Columbus, OH: 1997 to 1998
* Provided technical assistance to Nationwide agents for the installation and servicing of Cisco 1600 Routers and 3Com Office Connect Hubs that helped to improve the transfer of real-time data between regional and local offices.
* Communicated with representatives from AT&T and local communications companies to ensure proper technical facilitation, which resulted in improved customer services nationwide.

Administrator / Admissions Counselor - Kent State University, Warren, OH: 1993 to 1997
* Project leader for Kent-Warren Early Intervention Program (KWEIP).
* Developed curriculum for basic instructional design systems and computer-based training. As a result of this programs initiation Kent State University was able to develop closer relations with community high schools and enrich future opportunities for students.
* Supervised computer training for two years for over 250 students annually.
* Created training guides used by staff and students for authoring web pages using HTML and web editors. The students received advanced training in a college environment that enhanced their overall academic performance.
* Provided information to students by incorporating the full range of admissions' guidelines including extensive marketing planning, recruitment strategies, and personalized contact with prospective students seeking details on career majors in consultation with departmental and college counseling offices.
* Responsible for promoting diversity within our student body, and sensitivity to the needs of traditionally underrepresented students.
* Developed marketing strategies that resulted in a 15% increased enrollment of minority students.

Customer Service Representative - AT&T, Youngstown, OH: 1992 to 1993 -- Internship
* Promoted AT&T products and services.
* Researched and responded to inquiries of telephone services.
* Made recommendations and maintained service integrity to the satisfaction of the customer.
* Analyzed, authorized, and processed service request to ensure accurate disbursement and initiation of services.
* Completed all service functions and coordinated the more technical or complex cases presented by dissatisfied customers.

Tutor and Information Systems Manager - Kent State University, Warren, OH: 1990 to 1993
* Tutored individual students in Word Processing, Business Administration, Algebra, Trigonometry, and English.
* Provided students with a one-on-one learning environment that helped to improve their academic performance and grade point averages.
* Designed and Coordinated software applications development for payroll, inventory, accounts receivable, and staffing. These applications improved record keeping and database accessibility by over 35%.

Store Manager - Shell Oil, Culver City, CA: 1986 to 1990
* Increased station sales: track and analyze sales; used analysis to create and implement innovative and effective merchandising programs to increase customer base.
* Prepared all paperwork and bookkeeping functions for station accounting requirements.
* Count and reconcile all money, gas, and inventory; processes.
* Maintained invoices, mark-ups and downs, price changes, and sight drafts; prepared and made bank deposits; stocked safe funds; entered all required information into computer; and transmitted by time prescribed.
* Performed all personnel management functions: interviewed and hired station personnel.
* Trained, coached, and counseled employees to ensure maximum efficiency, accuracy and superior customer service.

Technical Training:

* Advanced AI180 Switch Diagnostics
* Calling Card Service Provisioning
* TCP/IP Internetworking
* Advanced Network System Service Management System
* Information Mapping
* Advanced Routing Service and Virtual Private Network Service Provisioning for Telecom Italia Rome, Italy
* Training Needs Analysis


Kent State University, Kent, OH
Bachelor of Science -- General Studies, 1995
Major: Education, -- Minor: Computer Science

West Los Angeles Jr. College, Los Angeles, CA
Major: Advertising

Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH
Major: Business Administration


Broadway & Seymour, Inc., ATEC, Charlotte, NC:
Certificate -- Supporting Microsoft Windows 95, 1996

Business Communications Review, Costa Mesa, CA:
Certificate Hands On TCP/IP Internetworking, July 2000

Applied Innovation, Dublin, OH:
Certificate - Advanced Protocol Conversion AISwitch 180, April 2001

Solid Computer Decisions, Inc., Atlanta, GA:
Certificate - Networking Security / Network Architecture, July 2001

Professional Affiliations:

Board Member of Youngstown-Warren Area Chamber of Commerce, Warren, OH: 1995-1997
* Communicated with CEOs and Executive level business representatives of Fortune 500 companies to elicit their support and recommendations for developing minority business initiatives in the Youngstown-Warren area.

Other Professional Experiences:

Billing Supervisor - Stockdale, Peckham, & Warner, Los Angeles, CA
Software Conversion Analysis - Harker Computers, Youngstown, OH
Retail Computer Sales - Circuit City, Warren, OH
Facultative Accounting Word Processor - John F. Sullivan, Seattle, WA
Administrative Assistant II - Department of Administrative Services /Office of the Mayor, Seattle, WA
Accounting Word Processor - Ernst & Young, Los Angeles, CA
Executive Secretary - Bank of America, Los Angeles, CA
Receptionist - United Artist / MGM, Culver City, CA

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