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Applied Innovation


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I worked as a full time employee at Applied Innovation from April 2000 to June 2001.   I really enjoyed teaching for AI.  It is a great company and the people are wonderful to work with. 

Applied Innovation, Inc.

My responsibilities included the following:

  • Trained over 200 Telecommunications network maintenance and technical support engineers in the proper configuration of hardware and software applications used by the AI180 Protocol conversion Switch.
  • Educated students in TCP/IP, X.25, ASYNC, and OSI protocols related to the installation, diagnostics, and interoperability of their AI180 switches and network elements.
  • Designed and developed PowerPoint tutorials describing usage and configuration of advanced protocol translation hardware for Qwest Communications national and international network engineers.

Qwest asked AI to create a training CD for their staff. 

Over 200 technicians were trained using this CD and I developed, illustrated, and narrated the PowerPoint presentations used for this task. 

I completed this task on time and with minor supervision.  Please click on the graphic below to view a PDF presentation.

Click here to view Qwest CD samples
Begin PDF Presentation
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