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My objective is to work as an instructional designer, technical trainer, writer, or support desk.
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I Love to Learn and Teach

My business is dedicated to training and educating others, and providing the tools that will improve the lives of  our customers.

I am a technical writer with a technical background, and I am a technical trainer with an educational background.  My average training seminars were 4 days long, and by the fourth day I was just as enthusiastic as I was on day one.

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Tollgrade Communications


Eager to Learn - Willing to Train

Most companies are focused on a specific job being completed within a specific time frame.  "That's what I'm good at."  I'm willing to put in the study and preparation time necessary to complete the job, and I enjoy training and the traveling that comes with it.

Objectives  |  Tollgrade Communications  |  Applied Innovation  |  Lucent Technologies  |  Nationwide  |  Kent State  |  My Resume  |  Contact Me